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It’s inconceivable to think that being highly organized and professionally presented will not land you more opportunities. I believe it will.

As a matter of fact, I know it will, which is why I’m here to help you choose the best men’s briefcase and business bag that will hold and arrange all the things that you take to work everyday, while making you look like a boss.

My name is Julian Walters, an accountant and ordinary man obsessed with every aspect of briefcases for men, and I truly believe that owning one will simply make your working life better.

“Owning a briefcase will keep you organized, looking professional, resulting in more opportunities.” – Julian Walters

I’ve been through so many different types of briefcases, from classic leather models to attache cases. Not all of them have lasted unfortunately, but I still have quite a varied collection which I like to change depending on the occasion.

On this website, you can expect full in-depth reviews, top-rated briefcase lists and 100% unbiased reviews. No matter if you’re a lawyer, attorney, executive or an accountant like myself, there’s always going to be a briefcase to suit your style and personality.

Comparison Charts

My comparison charts feature all the necessary information of the best briefcases for men in each specific category. They’re the most read “articles” on my website, so it’s probably the best place for you if you’re planning to buy a men’s briefcase.

In each comparison chart, you can compare the following the technical aspects of a briefcase side-by-side.

  • Brand & Model
  • Average Customer Rating: Based on Amazon customers.
  • Type: What type of briefcase is it? Rolling, apache, backpack, laptop etc.
  • Material: What’s the outer case constructed from?
  • Color
  • Lock: Does it have a security lock and what type?
  • Shoulder Strap: Does it include a shoulder strap?
  • Compartments: How many separate compartments does it have?
  • Laptop Fitting: What size laptop can it hold?
  • Dimensions (inches): What are the outer dimensions?
  • Weight (pounds): How much does the product weigh without any packaging or contents?
  • Warranty: What is the warranty period on the product?
  • Price: Based on Amazon’s marketplace. Please bear in mind that pricing changes frequently due to promotions and different sellers.

How To Buy A Briefcase

You might think that it’s easy to buy the perfect briefcase, but from personal experience, it’s not as easy as it seems. You have to take into consideration many different aspects that determines the practicality and longevity of a briefcase.

The most important factors are:

  • Brands: The brand of a briefcase matters, since generally, a good brand will incorporate style, functionality and quality. Keep an eye out for great value briefcases from Samsonite, Kenneth Cole and Solo.
  • Type Of Briefcase: Your line of work or business will determine what type of briefcase you should go for. If you travel often you should get a rolling briefcase as an extra with your everyday briefcase. If you’re in an attorney type profession, then an attache case would be ideal.
  • Construction Quality & Style: A high-quality briefcase does not only mean that it will last a long time, but essentially, it’s also very presentable. Is it constructed from metal? Or does it have an outer leather case? What color and design suits your style and co-ordinates with what you normally wear?
  • Compartments: A briefcase is designed for holding documents, stationary, folders and laptops, so you need to be aware of not only how many compartments there are, but also the type of compartments. Is there enough space and cushioning to keep your laptop secure?
  • Size & Weight: Something that a lot of people don’t take into consideration is how big and how heavy the briefcase is. If you travel around a lot, it can get tiring, so ideally, you’d want to carry around something that’s lightweight and not to big by your side.
  • Warranty: High-quality briefcases for men are not cheap. The very minimum you’d have to spend is $60, and on the higher end, several hundred dollars. It will give you peace of mind knowing that a premium briefcase has an extended warranty period.

If you want to find out more about choosing the best briefcase, I highly recommend that you read my guide on How To Buy A Briefcase For Men, where I go much more in-depth on all the factors mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

I hope by now, I’ve given you a bit of understanding on the importance of a briefcase for a man, and how it can ooze professionalism and personality.

I recommend that you take the time to find out as much information as possible about the product, and don’t rush into buying a briefcase purely just on looks.

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