Floto Venezia Leather Briefcase Review

floto-venezia-brown-mainA powerful job position requires a powerful suit, tie, watch and of course, a briefcase. This especially rings true for CEOs, VPs, head accountants, attorneys and lawyers.

Organization and appearance go a long way in these kind of job roles. In my review of the Floto Venezia Leather Briefcase, I will be exploring why many have chosen this briefcase to accompany them in their demanding jobs.

Average Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

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At A Glance


tickBeautifully and meticulously handcrafted in Tuscany, Italy.

tickConstructed from high quality polished calf skin leather.

tickDoubled stitched where the seams are the most stressed, ensuring durability and increasing the lifespan of the briefcase.

tickStands upright stably whether the briefcase is full or empty.

tickLimited lifetime warranty backed up by an excellent responsive customer service team.


crossNo cushioning on the inside for tablets or laptops.

crossSome criticisms that the shoulder strap is too thin and vulnerable.


Floto Venezia
Average Customer Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars
Type Of LeatherItalian Polished Calf Skin Leather
Available ColorsBlack / Brown
LockKey Lock
Outer Compartments / Storage- 1 x Large Back Zip Pocket
Inner Compartments / Storage- 4 x Main
- Pen Holders
Padded Laptop Compartment
Fits Laptop Screen SizeUp to 15.4"
Dimensions (inches)16" x 11" x 5"
Weight (pounds)3.5 lbs
WarrantyLimited Lifetime

Design & Craftsmanship

floto venezia attorney briefcase

The exterior and interior is made entirely of polished Italian calf skin leather.

Encompassing a professional and luxury appearance plus an aroma of pure leather, it’s no secret that the Floto Venezia is designed for people of power, and in positions of great responsibility. But looks aren’t everything. A briefcase must have functionality and quality to match its looks. The Floto Venezia achieves this also by:

  • Handcrafting the briefcase out of polished calf-skin leather, removing imperfections which gives the briefcase its clean and smooth appearance.
  • The seams that are most vulnerable to stress and stretching are double stitched for extra durability.
  • Incorporates durable brass (brown version) and stainless steel (black version) hardware.
  • Hinge pins on the handle are integrated in a certain way that doesn’t allow them to come out unlike some other briefcases where the handle can easily be broken.
  • floto venezia attorney briefcase

    The bottom design allows the briefcase to stand upright stably whether empty or full.

    The parallel lined design of the bottom of the briefcase provides stability which enables the briefcase to stand upright whether it’s empty or full, something that is very useful when resting the briefcase.

  • The flapover is securely shut by a real key lock (not an aesthetic one) which is opened by the included small key.

There are two colors to choose from – Pure black leather with white stitching, or my personal favorite, dark reddish brown leather with a tan stitching which is a very attractive color contrast. Many people prefer the brown color because it looks more expensive. This of course, is entirely down to your own preference.


You’ll be happy to hear that the Floto Venezia feels great when carrying it around whether on your shoulder or by hand. This is because the briefcase doesn’t have a bulky design and weighs just 3.5 lbs.

floto venezia leather briefcaseIn fact, its depth is only 5 inches at its widest section which is pretty slim when compared with most other briefcases. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the briefcase constantly swinging in and out whilst hitting your leg.

The handle is constructed of the same leather the body is made from, and its thick size provides comfort and a good grip when holding it. The removable shoulder strap is also made entirely of leather also, and has a buckle to adjust the size, and a shoulder pad for an easier carry. However, some users have complained that it’s a bit thin and vulnerable, though Floto do sell thicker and wider shoulder straps.


Even though the Floto Venezia is not very big, there’s surprisingly quite a lot of space inside. This is because it doesn’t have any additional interior pockets or any cushioning inside which saves a lot of space. Each divider is constructed of soft calf-skin leather with no fiberboard of plastic, allowing more flexibility.

floto venezia leather briefcaseOn the outside, there’s a large quick access zipper compartment which doesn’t have a lot of space in terms of depth, but it has enough for thin objects such as passports, thin books or smartphones.

When you open the flapover you’ll notice that none of the compartments have zips, they’re all open tops. The compartment at the front is slightly smaller than the rest while behind it, there are three larger compartments all of equal size, all of which can hold up to a 15.4” laptop. In the last compartment at the back, there’s a stitched on material on the back wall that provides 4 pen holders.

The last thing that should be said about the interior design is that there are no inside markings such as logos and branding which is an excellent design choice since they can often make the briefcase look cheap.

My Conclusion

floto venezia leather briefcaseIf your professionalism is one where your appearance makes a big impact and you don’t want to spend a fortune on a briefcase, then the Floto Venezia Leather Briefcase is one that I definitely recommend because it’s not too expensive, but it certainly looks that way.

The quality, functionality and comfort is also top notch. It’s no wonder why the Floto Venezia has scored top ratings and is a favorite among professionals. The briefcase undoubtedly makes a good impression.

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Average Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

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Written by Julian Walters

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