MVRIK VIP Coin Pouch Wallet Review

MVRIK VIP Coin Pouch Wallet ReviewWhen you think of a wallet, the conventional bi-fold usually pops into your head. Maybe even a tri-fold or a no-fold wallet, but you rarely ever think of a pouch wallet.

Now, some may argue that it’s not a wallet, but it pretty much does everything an ordinary wallet can do and sometimes more. I had the opportunity to review the ‘VIP’ Coin Pouch Wallet by MVRIK, and it’s a different style of carrying cards and cash for men.

How well does it compare against other types of wallets? Read on to find out.

Average Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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At A Glance


tickAble to hold around up to 11 cards, 30 bills and many coins.

tickInside compartment has a fold to separate your cards and cash.

tickVery useful quick access card slot at the back.

tickClever receipts pocket under the cover.

tickIs able to hold any currency worldwide.

tickBacked by a 2 year warranty.


crossNot much smaller than a conventional bi-fold wallet.

crossOnly available in black.



Design & Craftsmanship

The best way that I can describe the VIP Coin Pouch Wallet is it’s pretty much a small purse wallet for men. While women can use it too, it’s better suited for men as it’s more masculine and compact, meaning that it doesn’t carry as much as a traditional ladies purse wallet.

MVRIK VIP Coin Pouch Wallet Review

The faux leather is soft and feels premium combined with the high quality metal YKK zipper.

Unlike other MVRIK wallets, the VIP is not genuine leather, which some may not like. However, the faux leather used does feel and smell like polished leather, and it’s quite hard to tell the difference if you don’t know your leathers. It doesn’t matter much to me because despite it being faux leather, it actually appears to be really high quality.

Inner contents are secured by a single buttoned flap cover which holds together tightly even when the wallet is fully loaded. The button appears to be good quality after I tested it by opening and closing it probably hundreds of times.

The coin compartment is secured via a prominent silver YKK zipper that’s easy to open and close. This is not surprising if you already know about YKK’s reputation for creating quality zippers.

It only comes in black, and it would be great to have some variety but black is always a safe bet for formal and professional occasions.


You’re not going to get a lot of different compartments with a coin pouch wallet of this size, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold much.

Instead, the compartments that the VIP wallet does have, they’re adequately spacious enough to fit quite a lot. Starting with easiest one:

  • MVRIK VIP Coin Pouch Wallet Review

    Extremely handy quick access card compartment at the back.

    At the back, there’s a card slot which is ideal for holding a card that you frequently need to use, such as an ID card, drivers licence or transport card.

  • On the inside of the flap cover, there’s a small pocket ideal for holding folded receipts or a sim card.
  • The largest inner compartment is separated into two sections with the aid of the side folds. I managed to insert 10 cards and 20 bill notes before it got a bit stuffy.
  • The coin compartment is big enough to hold plenty of coins. I put around 20 coins in there, and there was still a great amount of space left. Even if you don’t carry many coins, it’s essential if you travel overseas as their coins are bigger in size and value.

Ease of use is highly regarded, so next, I’ll talk about how functional the VIP Coin Pouch Wallet is when it’s full.


Some wallets are really awkward when it comes to taking cards or cash out. You have to fidget around too much, and end up looking like disorganized.

The great thing about the MVRIK VIP Coin Pouch Wallet is that despite your cards being bunched up together inside, it’s actually really easy to pick and choose one that you need, as long as you don’t overstuff it.

MVRIK VIP Coin Pouch Wallet Review InsideThis is because of its wide opening and separated sections. I also had no trouble accessing coins due to the same reason – a wide opening.

Initially, the quick access card slot at the back takes some time breaking into but it gets easier over time.

When I packed it out to the suggested amount according to MVRIK’s official product page, it’s by no means slim, but it’s not too big either. It actually fits quite snuggly in the palm of my hand because its width and height is still smaller than most bi-fold wallets.

However, if you’re carrying it in your front pocket, then it’ll leave a slight bulge. I would prefer to keep it in the back pocket of my jeans, or inside jacket pocket if I’m wearing one.

My Conclusion

If you’re after a slim wallet, then this isn’t for you. I’d recommend the ‘Nostalgia’ wallet instead.

However, if you’re after a versatile, easy to use and new style wallet, I’d highly recommend the VIP wallet, particularly if you carry a lot of coins (which just feels and sounds ridiculous jingling in your pocket) or go traveling often.

While it won’t replace my permanent wallet, I’m going to use it as a substitute for when I’m out the country.

All-in-all, the VIP Coin Pouch Wallet by MVRIK is an excellent solution if you carry coins and you’re fed up of the big bi-folds and the limited space on slim wallets.

Average Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Written by Julian Walters

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